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It was rainy season, this week will not stop raining on our Caracas, except for that day of shooting, this is known to have good fortune!!

There was a sun that smiled all day and thanks to that and a whole team working together as always, came to perfection, 4 locations in one day!! Work often!.


We always
enjoy working with children and we have had on several occasions, we can say that they behave better than adults, are obedient, they represent the essential role they play, always try to enjoy what they do to be reflected on the screen.




The challenge was finding the right talent. Of 12 talented filmmakers who present to the advertising agency was Carlos Ferreira Vergara (ARS chosen by the agency) had maintained its high strength and playfulness to the end.

Pilar (talent who plays the mom) did its job flawlessly and at the times we had to work with her.


 Finally!! other work successfully delivered by ORIGAMI FILMS.

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