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 GENERAL MOTORS OF VENEZUELA created a new image called "YOUR WORLD CHEVROLET". A cool idea, full of magic and illusion. The concept is lead by Luis Iran, who belongs to the advertising agency CONCEPT MCCANN.

It was a wonderful challenge that we could capture in pictures, the idea that agency requested us.


"When Leaving your inner world... you are leaving your car Chevrolet"

That "world" was the key piece of the commercial.
We seek the thoughts and emotions of the characters at moments of being in your Chevrolet.


Dream, think, imagine, smile...  those words was fundamental for the conduct of this project.

With a excellent direction and photography we found the desired effect, coupled with a excellent postproduction, with purpose of represent the dreams and thoughts of our characters.



We are proud of our work. Grateful with the agency "Concept Mccann, and the customer General Motors de Venezuela for having entrusted this beautiful idea to our production house "ORIGAMI FILMS" and congratulate our entire team and all those involved with the final result.

Enjoy the advertising spot and backstage photos!


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