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That reward !!!!!! We got a Gold Award in ANDA.



 Daniel Oliveira, President, Creative Advertising and Carlos MENA ARS President of Production for the same agency, proposed to make such a beautiful idea to ORIGAMI FILMS Production House, do not hesitate to give them if, for carrying it out.

It summoned a large number of professionals from the film and advertising for the making of this piece, which was very popular.




It was a long day of work where many people put all their efforts to produce this idea possible.


  Is an award that is still much more value than any other in the first place because it is the Children's Orthopedic Hospital, and secondly that we do not get paid for it, was made with all the love I always put in each of our jobs and funded by our production, we are very grateful for this idea which allowed us to do that which defines us, our only passion: see become an idea that paper comes in wonderful images.


It's our contribution in the field of Social Responsibility in the country and society.



MUCH IS LOST BY A METRO LIFE SEE BELOW "So our work we wanted to help change the look of these children.


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