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"The roads of life” 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF GM"

Origami Films in competition with other production houses, won the most important campaign of General Motors (GM) for 2008 by the agency McCann Erickson of Venezuela. The corporate campaign that celebrates 60 years of work Country of General Motors Venezuela, called: "The roads of Life"

The project idea was to do a corporate campaign to commemorate 60 years of continuous work the General Motors in Venezuela, through a beautiful picture travel the roads of our magnificent country and move the feelings of Venezuelans, who have traveled 60 years in the ways their life with hand GM.

To accomplish this, the audiovisual spot should reflect emotion. We found the form to express that emotion with beautiful  landscapes.

The idea in the photograph and the address was noted in each landscape and in every way the richness of color that characterizes our country, sunrises and sunsets, sunny days and peaceful nights and the GM plant with fabulous colors, the picture did this effect when viewing the material revealed in the telecine, there was almost no adjustment to do since he had achieved a great result.

The GM plant, towns and the city, with its diversity of roads we were us offered opportunity to translate the idea conceived by creative director Mariana Martínez and his team.

Again, all we are very early to begin one of the four days of shooting going through the beautiful landscapes of our country. The Director, Camera Operator, Machinist and an Arri 435 film camera into a "Optra Limited" 2008, the protagonist vehicle.

The team rolled down the interior the Venezuela for capturing the emotion that the landscapes can provide, traveling for  "The roads of life" with GM.

Congratulations to GM in its 60 years of uninterrupted work in this country!

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