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Origami Films by Venezuela, in competition with other international production houses, specifically South Africa, Spain and Brazil, won the co-production with Passion Pictures in London, to film a commercial for the latest game in the Conflict series, developed by PIVOTAL GAMES and distributed by Eidos for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The project idea was to make a promotional trailer to recreate as closely as possible the features and video game characters. Boldness, innovation and freshness are the features that we defined for this project.

Once the production team is coordinated by Adriana Angarita, she was looking for the perfect location to recreate a war in Rwanda (location where scenes from the game pass, as well as Russia and Venezuela). After a cautious research with the help of our producer Alexis Dordelly locations, is found in La Guaira, Edo. Vargas, specifically in Los Corales, an area devastated by floods.

The Location was approved by the client in London. The casting was difficult, because we had to find the "CLONES" flesh and bone of Lang and Graves, stars of the game. After extensive search that was conducted by "Planeta Casting"  with his director Rafael Sanchez, many headaches and laughters, we found up with the characters,  with the help of a excellent costumes and makeup, which were made by Alexander and Tatiana López Rodríguez, respectively, we get the Double Creole Lang and Graves. 

We have ready the pre production with: locations, costumes, characters, props... All are approved. The Arrive the location of Debbie Croscoup (producer liaison Passion Pictures) and Carlos Catalán Director of Photography, who trusted in our work, they gave the final production approval with the Director.

We meet at 4:00 a.m. in the Plaza Altamira every day, to start very early what would be the filming of the more unusual and atypical audiovisual spot to done in terms of production is concerned. After 40 minutes in the road we arrived  at what would be the film set, thanks to the work of props, decor and art by Andres Hernandez, We are in Rwanda! 

The director began monitoring all the work very early. He said: at 6:45 AM, I want the camera be in action... And it happened,  just at that time was heard the voice of the assistant director Germain Esposito: "Lights, sound, Camera... ACTION!

A cloud of dust filled the room to give the atmosphere of war through the special effects. And a fantastic filming officially began, the beautiful weather accompanied us in times when the rain did want not stop.

The great contribution of the technical team was key to everything. That day was perfect. The kindness and professionalism at all times characterized them, a situation that made ​​you feel to all of us that day grateful and satisfied with their work, "A Plus"for them.

The day was a special film for us all. There were no beautiful women posing in front of a lens, also had not handsome men in light of a study, also had not delicious food dishes, none of that ...  nothing more and nothing less than a possible armed conflict.

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